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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adding a bit of fun into your nail art!

So sometimes you just have enough time to polish your nails... but you want to add a bit of fun. Shaky hands? Can't airbrush your own designs? Why not try some Fimo nail art pieces? A ton of companies sell these online, but your local Sally Beauty Supply (pictured right) also has some to offer. As most of you are web buying gurus I will share a site I have shopped a lot with that has a ton of offerings with these products! BF You can do a ton of different things with these products.

Follow these easy steps:
For a simple add on Fimo design!
1. Polish your nails... dry to tacky.
2. Pick which slices you want! Put to the side.
3. On a piece of plastic(top of disc) drop a drop of clear top/base coat.
4. Apply a thin layer of clear (or sparkly) top coat to your nails. Let set for 30 seconds.
5. Using a toothpick/dotting tool, dip into that drop of clear, and then touch the slice.
6. Apply to your nail! Try not to shift the shape around too much!
7. Let Fimo slice set up for about 1 minute.
8. Top off with a thicker layer of your choice of top coat over the whole nail including the Fimo slice.
9. Dry and go!! In a super rush? Break out that hair dryer and sweep back and forth over your nails!!
One day I was going to work and looked at my hands... argg no time for a full on nail art 10 design with video LOL... so I turned to my Fimo disc of fruit slices! And Taa Daa... instant design! Since with modern marvels in farming.... fruit slices any time of year Works!!
(picture left: Kiwi, Lemon, and Pink Grapefruit slices... surrounded with black rhinestones)
[note both are my pictures... the one of my nails... was taking off my BB.. the screen... hence the lines :) ]

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